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HiLO Lens app is crashing

Let's be clear - we agree with you that it really sux when an app crashes. Secondly we are not perfect and the cause of the crash may be a bug in the app, sorry for any of those that slip by our testing. Thirdly is may not be our fault - believe it or not this is possible!

Here are a few causes of apps crashing:
  1. Not enough memory. Our app is doing some sophisticated processing. If the iOS has not been able to free up enough memory to run then it may abort our app when it tries to grab memory. To fix this you can restart your device. Hold your finger on the power button until the power off slider appears, then power the device off and restart it.
  2. Something weird in the state of iOS. When restarting the device a lot of temporary information is restored into memory. If restarting the device did not work then bring out the big guns: a device reset. To do this hold the power button and the home button down for at least 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo. This will restart the device with a clean slate. This reset does not remove any stored information and your device will still have all the apps etc. To get your device back to default factory settings you would need to do a restore and I'm not even going to tell you how to do that :) 
  3. If that has not worked there is still hope. Maybe something was corrupted when the app was installed. Delete the app from your device. To delete it hold your finger on the app icon until it start jiggling around then tap the small X in the corner of the app icon to delete it. Then go to iTunes on your device and reinstall the HiLO Lens app.
  4. Well we are running out of ammunition. If the app is still crashing there is a 99% chance that it is our fault. Please contact us at or at our support page. We will work with you to understand and fix the problem. If there is one person who wants the problem fixed more than you - it is me!

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